When cutting wood especially for workshops that do a lot with wood, a miter saw is one piece of equipment you don’t want to be without. Because the saw blade is pretty much the defining element, it’s important to know the level and limits associated with these blades.

the blade is using cutting a wood

Are Miter Saw Blades Universal?

The Miter Saw will use a rotating blade that ideally is circular. As there are lots of circular blades available, know that they feature differing characteristics for differing uses. So, in response to the query are miter saw blades universal, the answer is no because they come in varying sizes for a variety of individual tasks meaning they are not universal nor interchangeable.

There are various kinds of circular blades that can be installed on a Miter Saw and they are used for specific cutting tasks. Selecting the correct blade is essential to achieve the best possible results.

the blade is made by still iron

Blade Sizes

Size matters when cutting. Miter saws are manufactured to use blades in sizes of

  • 8 inches
  • 10 inches
  • 12 inches

Saw Blades for a Miter Saw

Here is a selection of saw blades that can be used for work with a miter saw and blade uses.

Crosscut Saw Blade

This is a blade used for cutting across the grain of a type of wood. If you use a hand saw, it is nearly impossible to achieve a clean cut across the grain. The crosscut blade resolves this problem.

the saw blade is very hard

Laminate and Plywood Saw Blades

One of the challenges of cutting plywood is to avoid chipping the back veneer when cutting. This is also true when cutting plastic laminates because they are brittle. Saw blades designed for this type of material are conceived to prevent chipping and splintering. A triple-chip tooth is created with this challenge in mind.

Melamine Saw Blade

Melamine wood, used in cabinet making, has a top coating that is present on both sides of the wood to be cut. During cutting, melamine chips easily, so to effectively cut this somewhat brittle coating, saw blades will have a higher tooth count to produce a cleaner cut.

Ripping Saw Blade

Made for cutting hardwood, their design is intended to reduce the amount of feed resistance when cutting. This saw blade will feature fewer teeth for this purpose.

Non-ferrous Saw Blades

The use of a Miter Saw is not limited to woodworking. These saws can be used to cut aluminum, copper, and even brass used in construction. This saw blade will cut through hard metals.

Steel Saw Blades

This type of saw blade is used to specifically cut through any type of steel including pipes, studs, rebar and channels, and rods. These blades are produced in carbide steel making them more durable and more resistant to breakage.

Maintain Your Selection of Saw Blades

To ensure durability, saw blade maintenance is a must. You’ll avoid having to replace them often.

Keep in mind these few recommendations to get the best performance from your saw blades.

  • Clean saw blades with specific cleaning solutions to remove pitch after using the blade for cutting.
  • Avoid dropping blades or allowing saw blade teeth to come into contact with other metal tools as these teeth, generally produced in carbide tend to be brittle and can easily break or chip. 
  • Keep your blades sharp for quality cutting. If feed resistance increases, it’s time to sharpen with the correct sharpening tool or at a shop that sharpens blades professionally.


There are different Miter Saw Blades for various applications just as there are different materials that need to be cut. One blade will not work for every kind of material and selecting the correct blade will not only guarantee cutting performance but will contribute to maintaining your Miter Saw in tip-top condition and to your tool’s lifespan.

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