When deciding to do a home DIY tile project, among your considerations will be how do I cut the tile when necessary. This is where tile cutting tools come into play and there is more than one alternative available. Among these we find:

This is a till cutter
  • Wet tile saw
  • Manual Tile Cutter
  • Tile Nipper
  • Angle Grinder

Because the marketplace offers so much variety, you’ll need to think about which type is the best for your project. Each type of tile cutter brings with it certain advantages and will cost.

Manual tile cutters can be found for as little as $35 right on up to several hundred dollars, whereas wet saw tile cutters will start pricing nearer to a hundred dollars to continue upward to several hundred dollars. An angle grinder can be found for less than $25 or cost as much as $200 and above. There is a tool for every budget.

Manual tile cutters can be found for as little

A Wet saw tile cutter will offer precision and a perfect cut. The water reduces friction and dust production. They are easy to operate and a fine choice for a novice.

The manual tile cutter does great cuts if the blade is sufficiently sharp. Good ones can seem a bit expensive, and they may require a bit of practice to obtain the best results.

Tile Nippers are perfect for mosaic cutting or the cutting of shapes. They are very inexpensive compared to the other alternatives but will not afford the same degree of precision.

An angle grinder is designed for cutting angles and thick tiles. It provides smooth edges, circular shapes, efficiency, and is cost-effective.

Tile Type

The tile material will influence your choice in a cutter. If you will be cutting basic porcelain or ceramic tiles, a cutter with medium pressure will do the job. If, however, you need to cut thick tiles or tile slabs, you may need a tile cutter with more pressure to cut.

Tile Size

Keep in mind the tile size you plan to use. You want to ensure that the cutter can work on the size of tile you have selected. An incorrect size match may result in a broken tile or a damaged cutter.

Cut Types

Cutters usually come with one of two types of breaker methods: a fixed point or a multipoint. Fixed point cutters do vertical cuts whereas a multipoint breaker will provide angular cuts.

The Cutting Wheel

A cutting wheel is not really used t cut but to score the tile so that pressure will break the tile along a score. The cutting wheel will need to be appropriate to score the type of tile you wish to cut. Check out what material the cutting wheel is made of and if it is a good match for your tile.

size match may result in a broken tile or a damaged cutter.

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