If you notice an increase in feed resistance when using your miter saw or rounded edges on the blade, it may be time to sharpen the blade you are using. Blades wear and become dull over time after use, meaning that the precision you need for cuts may not be up to par. A blunt blade is not and will not be effective.

Luckily, sharpening a miter saw blade is a chore that you can perform and shouldn’t require more than 15 minutes of your time.

this is a sharpen blead in saw

Necessary Tools

Here’s what you need to get the sharpening done.

  • A table or workbench with mounting clamps
  • Crayon
  • A small-sized diamond file

How to Sharpen a Miter Saw Blade

Follow this easy step-by-step guide to get your saw blade sharp and ready to perform.

Step 1:  Remove the Saw Blade from the Miter Saw

Before you can sharpen, the blade needs to be removed from the saw. Blades cannot be sharpened if they are still mounted in the Miter Saw. Upon removing the blade, place it directly over the clamps on your worktable or bench.

Step 2: Mark the Blade’s Teeth

To avoid wasting time, it’s necessary to mark one of the blade’s teeth with a crayon. This mark will enable you to keep track of the starting position when sharpening. If you fail to mark your start position, you may end up sharpening some blade teeth more than once. This will not harm your saw blade but will drag out your task.

sharpening a miter saw blade is a chore that you can perform

Step 3: Begin Filing to Sharpen

Now you are ready to begin the sharpening of your saw blade. Begin by sharpening the blade tooth that you have marked with the crayon. File each tooth individually, completing one before advancing to the next. Position the diamond file onto the first blade tooth at its bottom front edge. Pull your diamond file upward and forward smoothly along the tooth’s edge.

While you are filing to sharpen, the diamond file’s face should rub against the metal’s flat part. Avoid touching the blade’s tooth point during blade sharpening to prevent injury to yourself.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 on Every Tooth

This filing action described in Step 3 must be repeated on every single tooth on the saw blade. Follow the blade around until you have sharpened all the blade teeth and arrive at the first tooth that you marked with the crayon when starting. As you continue to sharpen each tooth always take care to avoid touching any of the teeth points or blade corners.

Step 5: Turn the Blade

When you have completed sharpening the first side of the blade, turn the blade over on the reverse side and reposition it on the mounting clamps.

Step Six: Sharpen the Blade Teeth on the Reverse Side

Now begin the same process described in step three beginning with the tooth marked with the crayon. Sharpen each tooth until you have completed all teeth arriving back at your first crayon-marked tooth. You have completed sharpening the entire Miter Saw blade.

the saw tooth is made in iron


Now that you have completed sharpening the individual teeth on your Miter Sawblade, you can remove the blade from your worktable and reinstall it on your Miter Saw and return to your cutting project. You should obtain higher-quality cutting immediately.

After prolonged use, your saw blade will dull again. Simply follow the process described here to restore sharpness and cutting performance. This is a simple and effective do-it-yourself method for keeping miter saw blades performing. Other methods do exist, but this is fast and efficient requiring few tools and little time at no cost.

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