Anyone new to using miter saws will probably ask the question ‘What size miter saw do I need to cut?’ followed by measurements. If you’ve just acquired a miter saw, congratulations on selecting an exceptional power tool. Now let’s consider what size you need to get your cutting task completed.

The size of a miter saw to use will be based on what kind of project you plan to do. What kind of cutting do you need to do for your project? 

Generally, if your project is bigger, you’ll probably need, and want a twelve-inch miter saw because it will be able to complete deeper cuts with more ease and precision.

If on the other hand, you will be working on smaller project components, a ten-inch miter saw will probably be more than adequate to accomplish what you need to be done.

the saw blade is very strong

Nonetheless, some applications will require the 12-inch miter saw for better performance and results. There is no universal miter saw for every task.

Consider the Task

How big is the project you are working on? Is it a small DIY home project, a home renovation, a piece of furniture, or even a photo or painting frame for your wall? Once the size of the project is defined, it will also help define what size of miter saw you need.

the saw is cutting very strong materials

Miter Saw Sizes

Miter saws are produced and can be acquired in the following sizes

  • 7.5-inch
  • 8-inch
  • 10-inch
  • 12-inch

Is a 10-Inch or 12-Inch Miter Saw Better?

There is no correct reply or even a bad answer to this question. Both miter saws are excellent power tools, so why select one saw as opposed to the other? Follow this basic principle: if you are working on a smaller project, go for the 10-inch miter saw. 10-inch Miter saws are great for cutting 2X4 lumber pieces.

If instead, you are working on a larger lumber cutting project, the 12-inch miter saw will permit you to make deeper cuts into lumber. For example, a treehouse, or a renovation project will most probably require larger lumber pieces, that are also denser. In this case, the 12-inch miter saw will cut more deeply with greater ease and without any major issues because the blade diameter is larger.

the saw is cutting wood

Can a Miter Saw Cut 6X6 Lumber?

The fact that a miter saw is a flat cutter works against cutting taller lumber pieces. No saw can cut directly through a 4X4 piece at a bevel angle of 45°. Likewise, no saw can crosscut 6X6 pieces of lumber.

Can a 12-Inch Miter Saw Cut a 6X6?

A 12-Inch miter saw is a powerful saw and the largest that you will commonly find in a power tool section of the local hardware store. You can find larger if you shop in a specialty tool store or department. The 12-inch miter saw will be able to cut through a 6X6 piece of lumber however not on a single go. These are great saws for 2X6 cuts. 

If your miter saw is a dual bevel or compound miter saw, it becomes easier to do a deeper cut thanks to the sliding feature that facilitates the cut because the arms can be extended.  

The 12-inch miter saw is a fantastic tool choice for heavy-duty projects and tasks.

Can a 10-Inch Miter Saw Cut a 6X6?

A miter saw with a 10-inch blade installed can cut a 6X6 lumber piece, only it cannot do so with one single pass. This will require a bit more effort as the blade diameter is quite small for the piece of wood you are cutting. To do this cut with a ten-inch blade you’ll need to follow several steps to complete your cut.

If you don’t mind the extra steps, a 10-inch blade is very handy and versatile. It is easier to manage and also will cost less to purchase.

Can a 10-Inch Blade Be Installed on a 12-Inch Miter Saw?

Installing a ten-inch blade on a 12-inch saw is not automatic. It can be done but requires extreme care and attention to safety. Both the 10-inch and the 12-inch blades’ arbor holes need to be very close in size. If these holes are identical in size, it will be impossible. 

The installation of a 12-inch blade on a 10-inch miter saw is not possible because smaller miter saws feature a more limited capacity.


As a newbie, you may find miter saw sizes somewhat confusing. Consider first and foremost the size of the project you will be doing. If you are cutting larger pieces of lumber that require deeper cuts, the 12-inch miter saw is probably the best choice. For smaller projects like building your picture or mirror frames, a 10-inch miter saw is a great option. Remember that 12-inch miter saws cannot cut through a 6X6 on a single pass, but require several passes to complete a cut.

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