If you are new to working with a circular saw, you may find yourself in a dilemma, and believe me, we’ve all been there at one time or another. There we are staring at an unmounted saw blade and a new circular saw and wondering which is the correct direction for the circular saw blade.

the blade is round shape

Particularly if it’s a first-time quandary, and without any help from someone experienced in using circular saws and replacing blades, it will be easy to put your blade on backward. Imagine mounting the saw blade backward and then attempting a cut! OH! the saw will turn the blade but cutting correctly will be an entirely different matter. 

Teeth Direction and Blade Rotation

Your circular saw motor is designed so that when the blade rotates the teeth on the saw point up as they enter the wood being cut. This design affords stable precision cutting with safety in mind.

As the teeth encounter the material, they will cut from the bottom through the material to the top. The direction of the blade rotation will also pull wood chips or splinters together with sawdust inside the blade guard where they then are ejected through the saw’s dust port. Keep in mind that this type of saw is the opposite of a table saw which cuts down from the top.

the blade is rotating a circular

Circular Blade Direction

Mounting or changing a circular blade so that it rotates in the correct direction isn’t as easy as it might seem. It’s not merely a question or orienting a blade according to the side you see. 

The important thing to keep in mind when mounting your circular saw blade is that the direction of the teeth for cutting should point upward. Everything else falls into place by following this rule.

Saw Blade Manufacturers to the Rescue

Saw blade manufacturers do help with identifying the correct blade rotation direction. When your purchase a saw, it will come with a blade cover. Most blade covers will feature an arrow that indicates the direction in which the motor rotates. Generally, there will also be a directional arrow placed on the saw blade as well. When you install your new saw blade, it’s simply a question of verifying that both of these arrows match directions.

Right Side Blade Models

For saws that have a blade-right setup, the direction of the saw blade will usually position the blade label facing outward.

The saw blade  using a cutting a hard material

Left Side Blade Models

For those circular saws that have the blade-left setup, it is probable that the ugly side of the new blade will face outward. However, these are general indications and not necessarily true for every brand or model of a circular saw. Don’t fall into the trap of how the blade looks when it is mounted. Rather, double-check the direction of the saw teeth when the blade is mounted.


Keep those teeth on your circular saw blade pointing upward and you should be ready to cut right up until your next blade change.

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