Nowadays, thanks to improved technology, plasma cutters offer an ample selection of both gases and amperages. These afford you alternatives when selecting the best cut for a variety of metals that include stainless steel. A plasma cutter utilizes a high-speed spray of hot plasma, heating the metal and then cutting through it with exactness and speed.

Will a plasma cutter cut stainless steel? A plasma cutter most certainly will cut stainless steel! Plasma cutter use is both easy and affordable if you are searching for the right tool for your stainless steel cutting needs.

 plasma cutter cut stainless steel

Quality Tools Are a Must

Cutting Stainless Steel with a Plasma Cutter is one of the best methods you can use for cutting and in a range of varying thicknesses. Undoubtedly, the kind of cutting table and the source of your plasma will make a difference.

The construction quality of your plasma cutting machine will influence the quality of the cut achieved. The quality of the machine edge, together with the cut angle, can be negatively influenced if the cutting table is not top quality or has mechanical imperfections.

Cut quality may appear the same when you have a brand-new machine, but heat may cause the table metal to bow after prolonged use, and this can affect how straight the machine will cut. A plasma cutter that is poorly assembled or has low-quality components can also lead to irregularities when cutting stainless steel.

A plasma cutter that is poorly assemblages in the land

Will a Plasma Cutter Cut Painted or Grimy Stainless Steel?

Absolutely, because paint, like dirt or dust, does not impede the circuit from being completed. It will make no difference to your plasma cutting if the steel is grimy or has been previously painted.

Is a Plasma Cutter the Best Tool for Cutting Stainless Steel?

The best tool for cutting stainless steel will always depend on the task at hand, but because plasma cutters are so versatile, it certainly is a popular solution for most stainless steel cutting needs.

There are also different methods for cutting stainless steel with a plasma cutter. Industrial plasma stainless steel cutting is popular and uses gas to cut the stainless steel. There are a variety of gas combinations that can be employed. Most often, compressed gas is utilized.  If you select the industrial cutting method, you will need to select a gas in relation to its specific characteristics and your cutting needs. Gas will also create toxic fumes, so you will require good PPE and environmental conditions during cutting. A clean space free of other tools and materials is recommended.

plasma cutting require good PPE in welding industry

Another popular plasma cutting method is using a compressed air cutting procedure. It costs less than using industrial plasma cutting because only the use of compressed air is involved. 

How Thick Can a Plasma Cutter Cut Stainless Steel?

A plasma cutter is particularly indicated for cutting thicker plates of stainless steel. This is because precision plasma can pierce and cut as much as 40mm of stainless steel plate. Consider that plasma cutters with very high amperage systems can cut plates as thick as 100mm and if the cutter has an edge start, it can manage a plate as thick as 160mm.

Is Plasma the Best Method for Cutting Stainless Steel?

This will depend on exactly what stainless steel you are cutting. There are various methods for cutting stainless steel including power shears and angle grinders, as well as plasma cutters. For thick stainless steel sheet metal, you may find power shears easier to manage, whereas for a pipe made of stainless steel an angle grinder will work fine. When, however, you want to cut thick plates or solid tubes, a plasma cutter will offer precision and speed for a time-saving quality cut.

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