Tile cutters exist for the specific purpose of cutting ceramic wall tiles usually used in bathrooms and kitchens, or for cutting ceramic floor tiles that can be used anywhere.

Glass tiles also exist, however they tend to be among the most fragile type of tiles available, and so while it is possible to cut glass tiles with a tile cutter, cutting is a much more delicate procedure. Due to the fragility of glass tiles, they are at a higher risk of being damaged while being cut with chips or cracks resulting.

Tile cutters exist for the specific purpose of cutting glass

A Glass-Cutting Blade

If you own or have access to a tile cutter, you can change the standard tile cutter blade with a blade specifically produce for cutting glass.

These blades feature minuscule diamonds along the edge that can cut glass without causing damage, meaning no chips or cracks. By substituting the blade, you can use your tile cutter without worry.

Remember that glass tiles are considerably more fragile than other kinds of tiles such as porcelain or ceramic. For this reason, it is recommended that you work more slowly when cutting glass. Take your time. Will a tile cutter cut mirror? Only with a glass cutting blade.

glass cutter using a glass cut

Glass Tile Cutters and Glass Nippers

An alternative to changing cutting blades, or if you do not own or have access to a tile cutter, is to consider acquiring a tile cutter specifically for glass or nippers.

Glass nippers are generally employed when cutting a glass tile for the correct fit near a wall, a cabinet, or a pipe. They may also be used when preparing a glass backsplash for your kitchen and may be necessary for cutting around an electric outlet.

These tools work very well for glass tile cutting because they feature a wheel that rotates which is less likely to crush the tile. Glass tile cutters are lubricated with oil enabling a clean cut while preventing chips or breakage.

glass cutter cutting a glass

The Wet Saw

You can use a wet saw for cutting glass tiles. It emits a continuous stream of water while cutting helping to prevent damage due to cutting. These saws do tend to be costly, so you can inquire if a tool rental store has one for rental.

The Bar Cutter that Cuts

This tool will score and cut the glass tile. Not all bar cutters cut, some just score, so check that out before beginning. Bar cutters can be found at all prices, but the more expensive cutters will have more features.


Cutting glass tiles can be challenging but with the correct tools, you can cut your glass tiles.

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