One of the most convenient aspects of installing vinyl plank flooring is that it is very easy to cut whether you need to make curved cuts, straight cuts, or even cut-outs. Since vinyl planks and tiles are so much easier to cut than ceramic tiles, you can use numerous tools to get the job done.

vinyl planks and tiles are so much easier to cut than ceramic tiles

If you will simply be adjusting the lengths of the vinyl planks, it’s very easy to just score your vinyl plank with a good utility knife and break it right off. Heavy-duty scissors work well when cutting vinyl flooring, and even a jigsaw at medium velocity can work for you.

Can Vinyl Plank Flooring Be Cut Using a Tile Cutter?

A vinyl tile cutter will also enable you to cut any kind of vinyl flooring, whether it is in the form of planks or tiles. Most common tile cutters are designed to cut ceramic tiles with precision. When cutting vinyl planks, often various types of saws are used, such as a miter saw. But even when using a miter saw, it is important to use a specifically produced blade for cutting plastic.

If by a tile cutter, you mean a ceramic tile cutter, then the answer is no. A ceramic tile cutter will not be able to cut deeply enough into your vinyl material used in vinyl plank flooring. Ceramic cutters feature a diamond edge which is not suited to cutting through the vinyl material. If you prefer to use a tile cutter, it should be a vinyl tile cutter.

electric till cutter use cut till

A Vinyl Tile Cutter

A vinyl tile cutter can offer better performance and help save time. Important characteristics of vinyl tile cutters include:

  • Blade. The blade for a vinyl tile cutter must be sharp enough to cut into and through the vinyl. If the blade is insufficient, it’s not worth considering.
  • Type. Vinyl tile cutters are available in various versions including power cutters, manual cutters, wet or dry tools. A vinyl tile cutter should be selected depending on your specific necessities.
  • Size. Your vinyl cutter should fit into your workspace comfortably to achieve the best performance. Size will also influence the cutter’s portability.
cutting a till

A Final Thought

The regular application you want to use a vinyl tile cutter for will determine its characteristics and qualities. Your alternative is a good utility knife. Whether you prefer the ease of a tile cutter or the hands-on feel of a utility knife, cutting vinyl planks has never been so easy.

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